What is an obstacle?


What is an obstacle?

By Raj H.

Photo B Raj H.

Photo B Raj H.

    An obstacle is a known or unknown thing that happens at most unwanted or unexpected time on a journey towards our goal. There is no specific, step by step protocol on how to overcome an obstacle because we wouldn’t know what an obstacle is until we face it. If we could predict the nature and timing of an obstacle, it  wouldn’t be called an obstacle.


So, what now?


There are three things that will help us overcome obstacles and reduce the impact of these obstacles in our lives and help us maintain harmony and peace.


These three things are:

  • Definiteness of purpose: What do you really want?
  • Objectiveness: Don’t let your emotions and perception affect you when you are faced with an obstacle. See things as they are. Practice being in the present moment. Don’t let your past hold you and drag you down. “Here and now” is what you all have. This is your playground. Give your hundred percent. Change things that you can and don’t worry about what you can’t change. Play your game here and now.
  • Resilience: Shrug off the disappointments and temporary defeats; don’t consider them as  failures.

You may not be able to predict and tackle an obstacle with a definite plan, but you can incorporate the above three things in your life and don an universal skill to deal with any and all obstacles without perturbing peace in your life. But then obstacles are not necessarily bad things. They invoke a new dimension in you and leave you with wisdom.

2 thoughts on “What is an obstacle?

  1. Yes Rajesh ,
    I do agree with you , life is full of obstacles ,we need to face and Over come from obstacles… In process success will come definitely .
    Raj Kamulu

    • Yes Sauji. When you said this you know you already have the success in your hands. At this point what an obstacle can do to you is cause a slight delay in when you reach your goal.

      It took me really long to understand this fact. I used to think that obstacles were unfortunate things, but never thought it was a package deal to reach our goals.

      Thanks for the comment Sauji. Have a good weekend.

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