Live life as it comes

Live life as it comes

photo by Raj H.

photo by Raj H.

     Most of you might have read this quote by the German philosopher, Heidegger: “we don’t speak language; the language speaks us.” I want to apply this principle to life from whatever I have observed in my life. I want to say: we don’t live life; the life lives us, or the life lives through us. What we all have to do is to be ready to accept whatever comes and be ready to live the life.  This is the absolute joy. Perhaps there is no better goal, there is no better meaning  than to just live life as it comes.  


Written by Raj H.

One thought on “Live life as it comes

  1. So true..I totally agree with this quote because
    We don’t know what destiny has in store for us
    tomorrow. The very idea of having a perfect life
    is impractical and boring too. Ups and downs are part and parcel of life. Example: A straight line on an ECG means person is dead. It’s the joys and sorrows that keeps families together.
    Thanks Raj for posting a nice inspiring quote

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