Questions and Choices

Model: Thirish H. Photo by Raj H.

Model: Thirish H. Photo by Raj H.

     Questions and Choices

By Raj H.

     This normally happens: you have studied for a test, you are at the exam, and you see the question paper. As soon as you read the question, you realize that you know the answer. But then you read the choices, and every choice looks like the right answer. And the real killer is the fear of – what if you are wrong?

    This happens more often in real life situations.

      What do you do then?

   Stop analyzing the choices. Take a deep breath and read the question again if it’s an academic exam; remind yourself of your purpose and priorities if it’s a real life situation.

   Don’t force yourself to find the right choice. Instead spend some time with this question: what do you really want?


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