Who decides who won or lost?

Who decides who won or lost?



    The other day, I watched a batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises (2012).” Christian Bale played the role of batman. In one fight sequence Bane, the villain, breaks batman’s back, and I almost felt that pain. I know it’s a movie, but I still felt his emotion of pain. But why?


Here is what happened:

  • Christian Bale agreed to play the role of batman and he masked his real nature completely and got into the character of batman. This isn’t the only reason I felt his emotion of pain. There has to be something else.
  • I  knew I was watching a movie, but I agreed to mask the reality that I was watching a movie. I accepted to watch it as if it was happening right in front of me. I got sucked into the movie action, and I let the emotions get to me.


    So these are the two rules for the game called “movie watching experience.”

   This is what exactly happens in real life situations too: happiness or pain and loss or gain. We unconsciously follow the game rules and accept the outcome.

   There is a possibility of winning or losing a game only when you have played the game; you play the game only when you agree the rules of the game. Therefore, If you don’t agree with the rules of the game, there is no such thing as “you lost the game.”

      You don’t lose the game until you convince yourself you lost it.


By Raj H.



“The moment the slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall. Freedom and slavery are mental states.”

– Mahatma Gandhi.


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