The machine and the mind…

The machine and the mind…


Sports car. Photo by Raj H.

Sports car. Photo by Raj H.

        I believe that the engineers who make these sports cars put their heart and soul in their creation because you can feel the thrill when you are driving these sleek and powerful cars. When I first started working as a pharmacist, I bought one of these fancy, German sports cars. I felt so alive and so myself while driving it, which was rare for the kind of lifestyle I was living, and I almost identified myself with my car. I think it was in the very first month of buying the car, I noticed a huge scratch on the front bumper, and the pain I felt was as though I had a gash on my knee.


      After seven years, I still feel the same aliveness while driving the same car, but something has changed: I no longer Identify myself with my car. I step in my car when I need to, I drive to wherever I have to go, but the obsession has faded.

     I wish I could use my mind as I use my car now: step in my mind when needed and step out when the task is done, and not take anything personally with what goes on in my mind. When I said that I wonder who is it that stepping in and out of the mind, who is it that driving the mind. Perhaps that’s the quest of the whole mankind, perhaps that’s what we are seeking in our every pursuit of pleasure.


Written by Raj H.



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