Do what you like doing.


Do what you like doing.

Written By Raj H.

Fall colors. Photo by Raj H.

Fall colors. Photo by Raj H.

What is “doing what you like doing?”


Since it’s my blog, I will define it my way. “Doing what you like” is done not out of fear, compulsion, or any expectation of reward. It’s doing for the sake of doing.

Do what you like doing, at least for few minutes a day. It may not seem to help you in your career growth or in amassing wealth, but doing so would give you something more than that.

  • It connects you with your real self
  • It nurtures your will power
  • It helps you face any kind of situation, good or bad, happy or sad, with complete equanimity
  • It will give you a smooth ride in today’s harsh terrain of competition and materialism. Because doing what you like doing makes you realize that happiness and contentment are within you, not outside of you.

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