What is it that doesn’t change?

Photo by Raj H.

Photo by Umaraj H.

   We have something valuable, and we don’t know about it; we don’t worry about it. But as soon as we know we have something valuable, we feel happy and excited for a moment. The very next moment, the fear of losing this valuable thing strikes our mind. And we start planning how to secure this thing, which means the thought of having something valuable is making us insecure.

Ok, how could you have possibly known the value of this thing in discussion?

Probably somebody told you, or you must have seen it on the tv, in a newspaper, etc., which means you learned about its value from somewhere outside of you. The value that comes from outside is relative, derived by comparison, but it’s not the absolute value of it.

  Since the relative value is derived by comparison, it’s not constant; its value changes from time to time. So what’s the point in living your life in anxiety and fear trying to secure something that is constantly changing?

  Absolute value is something that is not derived by comparison and remains constant.

Photo by Raj H.

Photo by Raj H.

So what it is that doesn’t change – that stays the same and stays with you all the time? I pondered this question for the most part of my life so that I can find the solution to this feeling of insecurity.

  Do you know what is it that stays with you and doesn’t change?

   It’s the present moment. It’s the “Now.” It never changes, and that’s all we have. No matter what happens in life, it’s always “Now.” We can’t escape from it.

So don’t let the thoughts of future disturb you. Be still. Try to become fully aware of the present moment; let it be your friend and a guide.

Written by Raj H.

3 thoughts on “What is it that doesn’t change?

  1. Awesome topic Raj; kudos to you to
    bring this up; My appreciation for your thought process enormously amplified when you wrote that you are pondering this quest for majority of your life;

    Now coming to the blog topic;
    1; value of everything changes; I mean all things that change and all things that
    don’t change (because it’s only a value of the thing)
    2.The moment “now” also changes because it’s connected to time which constantly changes. After all time itself is relative. Google “planetary velocities”
    to improve our understanding of time.
    3. Now our main question what is not changing. There are two things that does not change at all A. The biggest B.The smallest.
    The biggest is all over. There is nothing that is not in it; also there is nothing that does not have it in.
    The smallest is you and me & every living thing; when I say you & me I don’t mean the body/mind but the one that does not change when you & me are just unicellular zygotes or 6×3 size multicellular bodies (with help of pizza/burger or other foods we consume). It’s the “spirit” that does not change.
    The person who & when realizes that he is just simple spirit that is absolute will enjoy uninterrupted bliss. To make this unlimited also he needs to realize he is in the biggest & biggest is in him .

  2. Now knowing that you are just spirit : there is nothing that you loose or gain:
    you just enjoy everything every moment: no insecurity feeling at all; because you are just a spirit nothing else.
    Enjoy every moment

  3. Ram bhai, thanks for your comment. I wish we could bring this awareness (that you are a spirit, which can be realized only through “Now”) to all so that there will no more wars, no more fights over a piece of land, no more divisions of countries and states, and no more poverty in one part of the world and enormous affluence in the other; so that the humanity can live together in freedom and peace.

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