Is dreaming big a bad thing?

    Is dreaming big a bad thing?

    No, dreaming big or thinking big is not a bad thing. It sets your priorities. It gives you the clarity in your journey of life; It shows you the direction in decisive moments.

Sunset over Ohio River

Photo by Raj H.

   You may not have the courage or skills when you start your journey, but you will muster the courage and learn required skills on your way to your destination.

   Thought is a very powerful thing. As soon as you have a new thought or a goal, you start seeing things that never existed for you before. And the life starts presenting you with new opportunities. Welcome every opportunity as you welcome a new season; embrace every moment in life as it’s the last one. Let me elaborate this idea in two steps:

– Become friends with uncertainty. Every opportunity brings with it an element of uncertainty. If there is no uncertainty, you are not doing anything new or learning anything new. Learn to get comfortable with uncertainty; it will help you overcome your fears.

– But then you need to be flexible. You don’t always get what you expect. You need to train yourself to accept the present moment. This very acceptance will give you the strength in your journey and fill joy in your life.

Written by Raj H.

3 thoughts on “Is dreaming big a bad thing?

  1. Thinking big is awesome; Thinking biggest is even better: One might be wondering what is the
    biggest thing; The Sanskrit word for biggest is
    “Brahma” comes from the root word “bruhath”.
    I love this step of loving uncertainity & embracing
    every moment as the last moment;
    Keep going Raj: beautiful ideas presented very well

  2. Very appealing that ‘Dreaming Big’ can lead us to learn new things in our journey of life. Uncertainty is something almost everybody has to face at some point in their life. Your words about getting comfortable with uncertainty is really encouraging. Good work, keep it up raj………..

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